The First PRESENT Bunions Virtual Conference Was Held September 11, 2021

About the Conference

PRESENT Bunions Conference is a state-of-the-art interactive 8 CECH-accredited virtual medical conference. This comprehensive one-day virtual conference is designed for podiatric surgical practices. Learn through didactic lectures and product demonstrations to help you make highly informed decisions, while incorporating cutting-edge surgical technologies to improve patient care and outcomes. Dr Harold Schoenhaus is the Conference Chairman. This important conference will be taught by our nation’s top key opinion leaders from leading teaching institutions from around the country. The education focuses on evidence-based next-generation surgical techniques for correction of Hallux Valgus, Hallux Limitus/Hallux Rigidus and hammertoe deformities as these deformities significantly affect the active lifestyle of patients of all ages. Proper evaluation of these deformities will also be discussed to assist podiatric surgeons on appropriate surgical procedures with proven outcomes, fixation methods, and the understanding of the indications and alternatives for the correction of 1st MTPJ arthritis. Attendees will learn about new concepts, minimally invasive surgical procedures, pathomechanics of deformities, radiographic evaluations, fixation alternatives, site specific procedures, instrument utilization, postop surgical management, and options for great toe joint implants vs fusion. Complications will be discussed along with recommendations for correction and prevention.

Conference Chair

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Engagement Contest Winners

Chanel Perkins
Oluwatosin Ogunlana
Lisa Thatcher
Emmanuel Bustos
Marty Kelley

Gregory Laakmann
Richard Ross
Kathleen Hope
Diana Emini
Sun Byun

Kristin Toliver
Jody McAleer
Elhiani Albert
Jordan Sheff
Kimberly Eickmeier

Daniel Chaskin
Sheldon Nadal
Kevin Dodson
Susanna Jacobs
Martin McGrath

What Attendees are Saying

Valued the multifaceted presentations of topics, stemming from vast experiences they had.
Michael Avakian, DPM

Excellent presentations on something the majority of podiatrists treat on a regular basis, unlike some of the other conferences where a lot of the topics are applicable to a small percent of our profession.
Michael Andersen, DPM<

I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A panel at the mid and end of day wrap ups. Interacting with the lecturers and asking questions was very insightful. Thanks for a great program.
Jody Peter McAleer, DPM
Danville, IL

Excellent presentations with great insight and surgical pearls for the evaluation and treatment of bunions.
Elhiani Albert, DPM

Great virtual Seminar, would definitely do again
Sam Ramirez, DPM

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